too many interests, too many projects, so little time

I have a lot of interests, with video games and programming in the forefront.


Let me start this by saying that I love when video games have APIs exposed for you to use. Namely for me recently, I’ve been looking into the official Planetside 2 Census API and the unofficial NodeJS Rust+ api, rustplus.js by Liam Cottle.

Back about a year ago I did some work on trying to build a companion app for Rust+ called Rocket+, and I’ll be continuing development on this, or rather rewriting it. The code I wrote back then was really bad and it probably is not much better now, but I’ve got some considerations going forward to make it efficient this time around. Also, points for it being pretty this time.

Having several of these APIs to play around with has made me think about building some sort of central application for multiple games — Think IFTTT, but for video games.

Arch Linux

With the advent of better support for Linux gaming through steam and other platforms, I have decided that I would like to run some flavor of Linux as much as I can. I feel like I can get much more work done when I have an environment that is not tailored for everyday consumers. Windows is a steaming pile of shite nowadays. Unknown telemetry is not cool, and I’ve chosen to forcefully opt out.

Arch Linux is the flavor that I’ve chosen, and is how I’m ‘forcefully opting out’. I’m running ly display manager, an ncurses-like display manager for my login screen, startx from xorg, and i3-gaps, a popular fork of i3 that allows for gaps in a tiling window manager, cos rice! also, polybar, rofi, and many other tiny tools that add to an experience that I customize exactly to my liking.

My girlfriend had to write an essay the other day, and used my computer, as she had forgotten hers at her house. I had to give her the crash course for my keybindings, and common operations, and I don’t think she was a fan…

Coast Guard

I’m in the process of going to MEPS for Coast Guard soon, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve got a friend who went to USMC Basic at Parris Island only 2 weeks ago, and he had to go to MEPS a total of 9 times before he was sworn in, so I’ve got that to look forward to…

Server Outage & Loss and Regain of Domain

We lost power during a storm for a few hours a few weeks ago, and I did not realize my server was down for several weeks. I need to find a way to either turn the server back on in the event of an outage, or just get some sort of battery backup solution in place. I don’t want to spend a pretty penny on a backup system at this moment, as none of the systems running on my server are ‘mission critical’ or anything, so I might just have to resort to the manual act of moving my feet over to the server and pressing it with my finger… so archaic.

EDIT: I forgor to talk about the domain

I also lost my domain not too long ago, as I did not auto renew it. But low, and behold, I got my Republic of Serbia Vanity domain back! Huzzah!

I am looking forward to what the future will bring. Recently I’ve been reflecting on how cyclical life is, in the way that seasons come and go, and the same feelings as last year come back to you. Big changes are on the horizon for me, and I hope to look back on this and be glad of the changes I’ve made, and how naïve and small I was. I suppose the human experience is wanting more, and I do.

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